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Elisabeth Edgell
“Actions are the first tragedy in life, words are the second. Words are perhaps the worst. Words are merciless. . .” ― Oscar Wilde, Lady Windermere’s Fan

I’m feeling good this day! I’m looking good too…wasn’t that young man over there checking me out?Yep. And didn’t he buy me a drink? He did…yes. But then the waitress came by the table on my way back to the bathroom, and I heard him ask her…”Just tell me if she is 50 or over…I draw the line at 50, put ’em out to pasture I always say!” he cackled. HE CACKLED!!! The audacity! The nerve! Why that little piss ant! I caught a glimpse in the mirror behind the bar and with my face all snarled up, I felt…

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